South Korean Sanghyeok Bang portraits female shapes through the lens of photography. Strong lights and shadows showcase the poetic, and at the same time raw, beauty behind women’s forms. Bodies are represented how they are, pure, beautiful and imperfect.


1- Since it seems to us that there is a strong intimacy in your pictures, how did this sinergy born? How do you select your models? Do you feel selected by them?
The relationship between the models and me are shown in the photographs. Usually lovers or friends we shared many things. Or a woman I see for the first time.
I belive you can see it in the photographs.


2- How much of seduction and how much of natural and innocent curiosity is there in your photos?
Seduction, curiosity and other emotions and thoughts that make myself are in.


3- Have you ever thought to explore your own body with photography?
No I’m not into exploring my own body. There is so much more I want to see.


4- As a south korean photographer, has been more difficult for you choosing to target your camera towards nude human body? How is perceived in your country the nudity of your photos?
Some people see nudity as something natural and beautiful but I feel like more people see it as porn.
That is because you can easily access nudity by porn first. I also first learned about nudity by porn.
But I realized that porn was only a small part of nudity. And what I want to show is that nudity with sexual aspects can be shown in a different form of art. And the importance is the intention of the artist.


5- Do you think the difference between pornographic photos and art nudity lies in who watches the picture or in who takes the picture?
As I said, whether nudity becomes porn or art does not depend on who takes the photographs but the artist’s intention.
If I wanted to take porn photographs they will be porn to me and if I intented to take art photographs they will be art to me. And how others see it would be another question. If a person says the boa snake that swallowed an elephant looks like a hat, it would be a hat for that person. I don’t want to say this is this or that is that. It is more natural to see it as you feel.


6- Most of the time your pictures are in black and white, why?
It is the way of my life and how I express. They are the colors that resemble who I am the most. But that is also only a part. In a photograph there are so many ways and meanings.